NK Series Mobile Crushing Station

Output size : Depends on the material
Production capacity : 10-810T/H


Medium and small capacity demand,Constantly mobile working environment,Construction waste disposition.

The Four in one mobile crusher is the strongest one in the K series mobile crushers, combining the coarse crusher, secondary crusher and fine crusher as required, self-loading the conveyors and screening equipments, which can meet all the production requirement with only itself. The comprehensive and strong production capacity makes it the leader of mobile crushers.


1.Overall modular design,universal and strong interchangeability
When order is coming, the NK mobile station can be quickly assembled into the required mobile station model, reducing the production cycle and meeting the customer's fast delivery requirements.
2.The parts are completely bearing by machine,saving time and efforts.
Compared with the traditional tire mobile station, all parts of the NK series mobile station are completely bearing by machine, transporting no disassembled parts, eliminating the need for on-site installation
3.Fast transition without basic and belt conveyor design.
Reasonable adjustable fixed leg design enables non-basic installation; no external belt conveyor, no need for cranes and erecting belt conveyors on site, quick installation and commissioning, and the transition can be put into production with 24 hours.
4.Integrated intelligent automatic system for easy maintenance and adjustment.
The NK mobile station uses a new integrated intelligent automatic control system, which will make the maintenance adjustment of the crushing operation process more convenient and accurate.